Cr/ak: Naima (DDH IPA) 12 x 400ml

Producer: Cr/ak
Pale Ale Beer
 Geography: Veneto
 ABV: 6.2%
 Format: 0,44l
Description:Complex and harmonious DDH IPA , with a full character resulting from generous hopping which expresses citrus notes ripe peach and sweet exotic fruit. Incredible intensity that rests on a slim drink at the top of the can, soft and juicy body . We recommend drinking it listening to the song that inspired us: Naima by John Coltrane (Album: Giant Steps – 1959). From the name of John’s first wife of Arabic origin. ” Naima is the exact opposite of Giant Steps: it is characterized by the contrast between a bass pedal and the fluctuating movements of sax and piano on the main theme, of infinite delicacy. It is slow, without improvisation, the beauty of the melody and the sound of the sax to reach a touching expressive intensity, as if to restore value to pure simplicity ”
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