Cr/ak: Pizzapils® (Pilsner) 12 x 400ml

Producer: Cr/ak
Pilsner Beer
 Geography: Veneto
 ABV: 5%
 Format: 0,44l
Description:The best dish in the world, at least in our opinion? Pizza! What if we were to think of a beer as if it were a pizza? Pizzapils® : “crispy” and scented with our favorite hop, Citra, in a balanced dry-hop that enhances, without ever overpowering, the character of Pils. Why do we think Pizzapils is the perfect beer to pair with Pizza? To create this beer, we selected hops with citric notes that give freshness, perfectly balancing the sweetness of the tomato and the flavor of the cheese. The light but “crispy” body, supported by a light bitterness that gives it freshness, cleans the palate between one bite and another, perfectly accompanying the variety of flavors that pizza can have. Creating a simple beer but with a purpose as complex as that of combining the infinite facets that a pizza, a dish we love, can take on was a long and pressure-filled process. Working to enhance something you love so much means not wanting to ruin the goodness of the dish, and this made our mission even more challenging. However, the end result was extremely rewarding. PS:Now, the fruit of this commitment is also a registered trademark: Pizzapils®.
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